Sunday, April 3, 2011

Windy and cold sent us to the sewing room

Amelia finished the first mini block and made two more blocks. These are the centers of another round of fabric for each block. These are to be wonky, strippy constructed miniquilts that go into the larger block. I didn't cut as narrow stripping as what the pattern calls for. Afraid Amelia would feel that it could take forever to get a block done. Need some immediate gratification with this.

She is very proud to get 3 blocks done. 13 more mini blocks to get done and we can complete the actual whole block.

A fun afternoon of ironing for my little one!

Great weather far

Today brought us a warm and sunny morning, which we took advantage of by dedicating it to kite flying. The tops of our Loess Hills provide the perfect kite flying venue. The parrot and rainbow kites took flight today. Our box kite didn't get to play, since I was helping Amelia learn to fly her kite. Quilting wise there is a log cabin quilt on the frame now. It's a top that I bought years ago and put a couple borders on it. Been trying to figure out how I wanted to quilt it so I attempted some free-hand feathers in the border. Took a shot from under the long-arm so you all could see it. Not perfect by any means. I believe I like things a little more marked, formal and defined. But it's a utility quilt anyway. Practice, practice, practice I keep reminding myself. So why the heck have I been fretting about what filler to put in the white areas of the quilt. Still haven't decided. Been playing on Amelia's little etcha-sketch thing. Haven't figured out what feels right yet, and then I remember utility. Just meander the dang thing and have it done. Does that set right? hmmm. Probably not. Well enjoy the shots! It's suppose to get colder as the day goes on and I know I will be in fields here soon. So trying to get whatever I can done!!