Monday, August 9, 2010

Fall Quilt continued

Feather or not to feather? That's the question. Well I decided to gain some experience and try to feather a 2 inch border. It called for something and when my taxed brain couldn't figure out what else to do....well feathers came to mind. Hump and bump feathers none the less. Granted I haven't actually quilted these on a quilt yet, so let's just try it in micro version........

This quilt is taking a life of it's own. It's got custom quilting in it that really should have been done on a quilt that allowed it to show up better. The busy nature of this quilt doesn't showcase the work that is being done to it. But at least it is giving me a practice ground to try new tools and techniques.

The arsinal consists now of Quiltazoid template work, piano key borders, set in corner quiltazoid work, and for me....micro feathers. That's quite a new list of talents! The only thing that could have really topped the cake was to have trapunto'd the feathered wreath inside the Quiltazoid work. Missed the boat on that one!

Back for more experience!

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