Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Amelia's new project

On the way home with the totem pole yesterday, Amelia and I had made plans to stop and pick out some new fabric for her to start working on another quilt.
I had picked out the Cryptogram quilt from the new Fons and Porter magazine. It has little unique quilt blocks set into larger blocks. I figured that these little blocks are like mini quilts and she could practice her straight line stitching for these. The Cryptogram has some wonky type seams and it gives it some character, so if everything isn't so perfect it would be just fine and lend to the quilt.
Since she wants her new room decorated with a pink, black, white and a touch of green (Paris theme) we picked out those fabrics for her to make this 60x60 quilt.

This brought light to the day!!!

We got home and we started cutting random strip sizes for her to work with in the little 8.5 x 8.5 inch blocks. Too fun! Can't wait for next weekend so she can piece some more! It's so great seeing her get excited as things come together!

Hope the clouds part today and give everyone a bit of sunshine in one way or another!

Loving stitches to all!

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  1. I like your color combination. I used the same color combo as well as some of the same fabrics to make this one:
    It's On the Road to Spring quilt under the 'Ongoing projects'.