Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Snowy day it the northerlands

Well we woke up this morning to the cold finger of winter still trying to claim what should now be spring! 2-3 inches of wet white snow blanketed our farm. Burrrr. Now just down the road, where you drop out of the higher elevation of the Loess Hills there was no snow. Crazy!

I spent the morning finishing the timing of my long-arm. First time I've done it and definitely glad that I learned the process. Yippee, first time down. Then to test I played a bit with a new variation of feather that I've been penciling out. I like it.... It's a bit freeing, not so constrained. So the results look a little more modern, definitely not your grandmother's formal feather. I'm liking it. Will try to post a shot later.

I also have all my colored fabric cut for the Supernova block. Now just have to cut the background fabric. I think I'll play with it when I get the blocks together. I feel like it might need some type of applique border. Not sure. More to come on that.

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