Monday, June 27, 2011


My goal this week is to have the log cabin quilt off my frame before Wednesday, so I can list it on the WIP as completed!!! Then all I have to do is bind it, but the major work will be done.

I've got 3 more blocks to hand piece to be able to work on a little wall quilt that I can do some inklique on. I think I'm going to put feathered wreaths in it on white so I can ink them. We'll see how that goes and hopefully I'll be posting pics along the way! The fabric I'm using for the inklingo hand-pieced blocks is from my hand dyed stash. Yippee!

Todays goal is to get the white areas quilted (on the log cabin) and try to figure out if my 1.5 inch border is still bothering me and needs more quilting. I'm not sure I want to leave this type of a border unquilted, even though it is stitched in the ditch....

Onward to another quilty type day!

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