Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Quiltin' I will go

A Quiltin' I will go, A quiltin' I will go, Hi-Ho the Dairy-O, A quiltin' I will go!!!

Well it's been a while since I've been out here....planting season lasted a wee bit longer then I really expected. Got the pleasure of working one field 3 times before the rain/dry cycle let Brad get it planted. Boy was I getting tired of seeing that piece of ground! Hopefully Fall won't come too fast!

I'm sad to say, but the same quilt is on my long arm frame as when we started planting. Dang.... I'm hoping that today will be the day that I can possibly get it all finished. I've been able to work a little here and a little there. I think our schedules are slowing down now that softball is done. Now we just have swimming lessons and daily school work to keep up on things. So I should have more time...

More time for QUILTING : )

I was able to finally adorn my new little jeep with it's own personalized plates....Can you imagine what they say???? LV2KWLT and they are Simpson College plates to boot! I just love them and they match a dear friend in Nebraska's plates! Love ya Rosie!!!

Well along with long-arming I really need to get some time to play with the oldest/newest toy to my little collection!!! I bought a spring green refurbished featherweight! She is the most adorable thing, but I haven't gotten to sew a stitch with her. Although I know that she and I will sew happily together for many years to come! Dang she is cute! I'll have to post a pic or you'll have to catch a glimpse at her at the next class or something!

Better go be stitchin'
Have a fantastic day! Rainy and good for sewing!

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